Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tulbagh to Sutherland via Ceres & the R356

Yesterday was Ockert & Elsabe's awesome wedding in Tulbagh so Darragh & I drove to SALT straight from there, taking the scenic dirt road option...  Flowers *galore*, absolutely gorgeous afternoon light, then a dramatic sunset when we got there!

Along the way we also celebrated the one year anniversary of the SALT IQ triumph by buying a couple of tubes of Mentos (the official sweet of the IQ Team) from Die Skerm.

This is an amazing little honesty shop, quite literally in the middle of Nowhere (well, about 20 km from the R356/R354 intersection), that's well worth a visit!  It's stocked with all kinds of stuff & you simply help yourself & leave your money in the milk can.  You can sign the visitor's book if you feel like it & the only request is that you close the bottom part of the door to keep sheep from wandering in there.  It's just Brilliant!

Sutherland put on one of its magical sunsets...

& what's left of the famous tree out behind the hostel did its bit to enhance the scene!

It's So Good to be back up here :)

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