Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Sevilla Rock Art Trail

This is a fantastic place to get a concentrated dose of San rock art while taking an easy 4 km stroll along the Brandewyn river.  The trail takes you past about 10 sites with hundreds of paintings - many of which are just Incredible!  This map of the trail is one of several Cederberg freebies available here.

This is a great time to be here as the wildflowers are really getting going & just about everything else is in bloom too.

The river's in good shape as well.



There are some thoroughly exotic looking plants out here - if only they were as identifiable as birds!

This huge skull-like formation is actually balanced on the "chin" (you can crawl through from one side to the other) & has rock art underneath...

Here's one of the sites with yellow, as well as red, ochre.

The lazy Brandewyn (Brandy in Afrikaans) - what a good name for a river...

A landscape for keeping things in perspective.

2 happy kids high up on a rock :)

One of Sevilla's most famous paintings - The Archer.  He's truly magical!


& the little quagga foal is adorable - the San had such a knack for capturing the essence of a creature.

Aah - the good old days when women with huge bums & heavy legs were taken seriously ;)

A "botterboom" going out of its way to get attention.

These "vygies" were so bright, we suspected they might actually glow in the dark!

Instead of driving back to Cape Town as planned, we decided to stay on out here for at least another night.  But being a long weekend during the flower season, we couldn't find accommodation in Clanwilliam so we ended up at the charming Citrusdal Country Lodge about 50 km south.  There the 3 weary adventurers were thoroughly rewarded: a steak dinner with red wine by the cozy fireplace... :)

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