Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Karoo at its best

After a couple of days pretending to be a SALT Astronomer, it was back to Cape Town to play photographer at Shireen & Geoff's wedding.  Another thoroughly spectacular drive through the Karoo in full bloom, the 2nd great wedding in just over a week & then back up to SALT, blasting off loads more flower pics!

Having reached the top of Verlatekloof Pass, the flowers were posing less of a threat to my SALTward progress so I figured it was safe to put my foot down & go for it.  Not to be though - I was soon to be ambushed by a martial eagle!   It was being mobbed by crows eager to steal what was left of its late-afternoon mongoose snack & soon it had a camera-toting human to contend with as well...

What an extraordinary creature!!

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