Friday, September 24, 2010

Walking Buenos Aires flat

Amelia returned to Chile today for an observing run while the other 3 flew to Salta in the north-western part of Argentina.  Since I joined the proceedings much later, I couldn't get the same flights as the rest of the gang so I had time to explore BsAs before my evening flight to Salta. 

I started off at Plaza de Mayo, then made my way along the docks & through to the old town district of San Telmo.  Heading back I went via Plaza Congreso before picking up my bags & grabbing a taxi to the regional airport.

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  1. Hey Lisa, great photos!
    Just one correction, the second picture is of the Cabildo, it used to be the government house back in days of the colony. The Cathedral is, using the orientation of the photo, to your right (not seen).