Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tren a las nubes - The Train To The Clouds!

Today was a Long, but fantastic day!  We had to be at the train station before 7am & only got back to Salta after 11pm.  The whole operation's extremely well run by a wonderful team & in addition to the extraordinary scenery, it was quite entertaining to spend a day with a bunch of other (largely Argentinian) tourists.  Although in some ways it would've been better if the trip was only half as long, there was so much more to see sitting on the other side of the train on the way back.  Not sure I'd do it again, but I'm still very glad we went!

I got a good dose of the dreaded altitude-induced headache as we approached the turn-around point at 4220m (about 740m higher than anywhere in Southern Africa!) & Retha found the beer to be vastly more effective up there, but other than that - no medical attention was needed ;)

Pity we couldn't spend more than 15 minutes there at the spectacular 64m high Viaducto la Polvorilla, but we did get to stop again (for Slightly longer) & do some trinket shopping at the dusty, windy, little town of San Antonio de los Cobres. 

We also took it upon ourselves to make the most of the extended Happy Hour that starts at 7pm & sees passengers through to the station in Salta :)

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