Friday, February 18, 2011

U2 in Cape Town!!!

We've been waiting since 1998 for them to return & they're finally here!!  We saw them in Joburg, on their PopMart tour - which was a bit of an odd excursion, + that stadium was miserable.  This time we did the Fan Walk to the magnificent Cape Town stadium, on a *perfect* summer's evening, with a full moon rising over our beautiful city...

The Computicket website said "no video cameras & no cameras with large detachable flashes", so we pitched up all set to capture the show with our strategically understated gear.  Only to be told that they'd meant to say "no detachable *lenses*" & so we couldn't take our cameras in!  Anger, denial, misery, dejection (& some more anger) later, we returned to the stadium (cameras back in the car) & found that if we'd only put them in my bag, we could've walked straight through security & proceeded as intended - like all the other people that managed to get in with their digital SLRs!!  Can time Really heal all wounds?? :(

But if there can be an up-side to something this painful, it's that we were forced to focus more on the show itself, rather than on taking photos all the time - although we ended up doing that with our cellphones anyway since we just can't help ourselves!  The stadium acoustics left a lot to be desired, but the stage & lighting was absolutely mind-boggling & the guys put on an incredible performance.  The duet with Yvonne Chaka Chaka was superb!

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